DataXmart is a small- to medium-sized software and consulting company with an international footprint. Integration, efficiency enhancement and customer-centric solutions combined with our competence through experience and quality through design are the guiding principles behind the company.

DataXmart has more than 15 years of experience in developing and implementing enterprise-wide business intelligence solutions. Our mission is to enable our clients to successfully manage their companies by getting control over their business processes. We engineer individual, tailor-made reporting, analysis and risk management solutions using a blend of innovative, state of the art software products and professional business consulting services.

Some of our Senior-Consultants have been developing, supporting and implementing efficient, customised reporting, analysis and risk-management systems for highly renowned customers for more than fifteen years. Some of this systems belonging, based on Gartner Research Group, to the biggests in the world. With our experience, we can produce exceedingly compact, smooth running development processes and targeted application solutions.

Being a full-service provider, we assist our clients with conceptual design and implementation, launches of our software solutions, consulting, programming, training and hotline services.

We support our clients throughout the entire process, from the needs and IT-structure analysis to the technical application development right up to teaching users how to use the new system. During operations, we assist our clients and their employees with hotline and training services.

Our mission is to enable our clients to successfully manage their companies by getting control over their business processes. One of our basic principles is: critical information, any time, all the time. We mine, consolidate and selectively leverage virtually all the information stored in all the databases of your company. We provide company- and group-wide solutions for data integration, data extraction (ETL), data warehousing, data mining and online analytical processing (OLAP). For the technical implementation, we rely on state of the art software solutions adapted to each of our client's needs and environment.

International Banks, financial service providers, insurers, logistic companies, manufacturers, utility companies using us to handle a wide variety of reporting system-related tasks. To see the breadth of our experience and the esteem in which our services are held, simply check out our reference section.


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